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Elipson Stand For Planet L/Music Center/W35 - Gun Metal


Strong points :


  • Design
  • Careful design
  • Integrated cable passes


The Elipson Stand is specially designed to accommodate the Elipson W35, Elipson Planet L and Elipson Planet LW speakers as well as the Elipson Music Center HD tuner amplifier. Characterized by a rigorous design and impeccable manufacturing quality, it offers perfect stability. With a height of 80 cm, this specific support is made of steel, and offers a beautiful brushed chrome finish. For its part, the integrated cable passage ensures discreet and aesthetic integration of the equipment.


If you are looking for a stand to combine with your Planet L speakers or your Music Center receiver, look no further: this stand is the most suitable solution, both technically and aesthetically.

Elipson Stand For Planet L/Music Center/W35 - Gun Metal

SKU : 3700795191989
  • Design

    • Material: steel
    • circular base
    • Brushed chrome finish
    • Non-slip rubber pads
    • Cable entry


    • Elipson W35
    • Elipson Planet L
    • Elipson Planet LW
    • Elipson Music Center HD


    • Dimensions (WxHxD): 350x830x350 mm
    • Weight: 15kg