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Logitech G Driving Force Shifter... 2 years warranty


Key Features

  • Six Speeds with Push-Down Reverse Gear
  • Steel & Leather Components
  • Mounts Securely to a Racing Rig
  • For G29 & G920/G923 Racing Wheels


Designed for G29 and G920/G923 racing wheels, the Logitech Driving Force Shifterprovides a realistic driving experience.

Logitech G Driving Force Shifter

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  • Designed for G29 and G920/G923 racing wheels, the Logitech Driving Force Shifter provides a realistic driving experience.

    The six-speed H-pattern shifter moves fluidly and clicks into each gear. There is also a push-down reverse gear. The shifter is made with a solid steel gear shaft while the knob and boot are covered hand-stitched leather. The durable built-in clamps allow you to mount the shifter securely to a table or racing rig.

    The shifter is compatible with Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One, and a PC running Windows.

    Designed for G20 & G920/G923 Driving Force Wheels

    The Driving Force Shifter is designed for both the G29 and G920/G923 Driving Force racing wheels, to enhance the PC and console racing titles. Add the shifter to your racing wheel setup to complete your racing rig for a more realistic experience.

    Quality Construction

    With a solid steel gear shaft, the Driving Force Shifter is built for precision racing and reliability. The knob and boot are covered in high-quality, hand-stitched leather, giving it a look and feel similar to a high-performance race shifter and giving you a more comfortable, durable experience.

    Six-Speed Shifter with Push-Down Reverse

    The six-speed "H"-pattern shifter moves fluidly and solidly clicks into each gear, helping you execute smooth, accurate gear transitions on hairpin turns and straightaways.

    Secure Mounting

    Durable built-in clamps allow the shifter to be mounted securely to a table or racing rig to minimize shifting or wobbling during aggressive race maneuvers.