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Speaker cable NorStone CL400  - (Price per meter)


The NorStone CL400 Classic is designed for high-power enthusiasts. We recommend it for speakers exceeding 150 watts for domestic or professional use. With a very low linear resistance, it can be used for lengths up to 60 meters. Offered at an incredible price for this quality range, the NorStone CL400 cable is made of OFC copper conductors with a section of 4 mm², protected by a transparent sheath for excellent signal transmission.


Specifications :

- Section: 4 mm²

- 99.997% Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC)

Norstone Speaker cable CL400 Classic (1 m)

SKU : NORST202311
₨240.00 Prix original
₨232.80Prix promotionnel

    • Section: 4 mm²
    • 99.997% Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC)
  • 3% Discount applicable for online orders or in-store purchases subject to payment by bank transfer/Juice or cash.

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